Nuovi rougue talents

Dalla consulatazione del bellissimo manuale cityscape sono saltati fuori due talenti molto carini: Roofwalker e Roofjumper, entrambe danno la possibilità di eseguire manovre e acrobazie su superfici inclinate o strette, ammortizzare cadute, morte dall'alto e cose dle genere; essendo due talenti sono troppo estesi per essere inseriti integralemtne come singolo rougue talent per cui li ho scorporati e inseriti ogni singolo vantaggio come rougue talent.

Tra i ROUGUE TALENTS ecco le aggiunte:

Fleet of Feet:(Requisito: Dodge) You can walk across a precarious surface
more quickly than normal. You can move at your full speed
without taking a —5 penalty on your Balance check.
*(questo rougue talent è identico a narrow walker di pathfinder)*

Graceful Drop:(Requisito: Dodge) If you intentionally jump from a height,
you take less damage than you would if you fell. If you
succeed on a Jump check when jumping down (PH 77),
you take falling damage as if you had dropped 20 fewer
feet than you actually did.

Master of the Roof: (Requisito: Dodge) You know how to use the slopes to
your advantage. You gain a +1 dodge bonus to AC against
any opponent who is at a different elevation from you.

tra gli ADVANCED TALENTS ecco le aggiunte:

Death from Above: (Mobility, Graceful drop)
You do substantial damageif you deliberately leap down to
attack a foe beneath you.
You must drop at least 20 feet. You must roll to hit; this
qualifi es as a charge attack, with all relevant bonuses and
penalties. If you hit, you deal damage as normal, plus an
extra 1d6 points for every 10 feet of distance beyond the
fi rst 10 feet; thus, a drop of 30 feet causes an extra 2d6
points of damage.
You still take whatever damage you would normally
take from the fall, but you can reduce the falling damage
with a successful Jump check or Tumble check.
You cannot use any ability to slow your fall (such as
the monk's slow fall ability, or the feather fall spell) while
attacking in this manner.

Urban Acrobatics:(Mobility, Fleet to fleet):
You can make use ofwindowsills,
awnings, lampposts, and similar features of the city when
leaping or falling from buildings. If you deliberately jump
downward within arm's reach of a wall or similar vertical
surface, you can move yourself sideways along the wall,
traveling up to 5 feet horizontally for every 10 feet you fall.
If you accidentally fall, you can move 5 feet horizontally
for every 20 feet you fall. You can move up to your full
movement horizontally in this fashion (so long as the wall
is wide enough), even if that distance, plus your falling
distance, exceeds your normal movement rate.
Normal: Falling characters can move in no direction
but down.

Mi sembra però appropriato che chiunque vogli acquistare questi talenti nella verione integrale sia ancor ain graod i farlo; per esempio un guerriero con Dodge e Mobility che voglia acquistare Roofwalker e Roofjumper può farlo(anche i ladri se preferiscono), acquistando il talento in versione integrale come è scritto su cityscape pag 62-63 e senza alcuna modifica.

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