Nuovi Oggetti Magici di Oerth

Artefatti Maggiori

Altri Oggetti

  • Arlana, The Crystal Sword
  • Kay Demon Lacrima del Destino
  • Kay Demon Hair of the Nymph: una cordicella fatta di capelli intrecciati di ninfa, dona un +4 alla caratteristica Charisma del possessore.
  • Kay Demon Kay's Elven Chain Mail: speciale cotta di maglia elfica, sottilissima, permette a chi la indossa di usufruire di un bonus massimo di Dexterity di +5
  • Kay Demon Kay's Black Key: Questa chiave nera permette al possessore di lanciare gli incantesimi Mage Lock e Hold Portal al costo di una carica l'una. La chiave ha un massimo di 9 cariche
  • Kay Demon Potion of Rainbow Hues: This potion allows the drinker to turn any color or combination of colors after concentrating for one segment, thus being effectively camouflaged. When full, a flask of this potion contains enough for seven hours of camouflage. It is possible to get seven one-hour doses from this potion, if it is drunk carefully. This potion must be stored in a metallic container, and is noted for its syrupy taste.
  • Kay Demon Ring of Blink: Questo potente anello permette a chi lo infila al dito, di lanciare l’incantesimo Blink a volontà
  • Rod Of Smiting: This rod is a +3 magic weapon which inflicts 4-1 1 (d8 + 3) hit paints of damage. Against golems the rod does 8-22 (2d8 + 6) hit points of damage, any score of 20 or better completely destroys the monster, but any hit upon a golem drains 1 charge. The rod does normal damage (4-1 1 ) versus creatures of the outer planes such as demons, devils, and night hags. Any score of 20 or better draws off 1 charge and causes triple damage: (d8 + 3) X 3. The rod cannot be recharged.
  • Meredoth Snowshoes of Varied Tracks
  • Meredoth Hat of Stupidity
  • Staff of Striking
  • Ulnar Ansanther
  • Potion of etherealness
  • ring of human influence
  • amulet of the siren
  • pendente di Eraj
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