Regioni di Keoland
Stati Vassalli

  • Geoff
  • Gran March
  • Sterich

Political Subdivisions

Over two dozen political subdivisions exist in Keoland. The major provinces follow, with their capitals and rulers.

Axewood, Barony of
Baron Anladon of Neheli (LG male half-elf Ftr8/Wiz2)
Cryllor, County of
Count Ignas Manz (LN male human Ftr16)
Dorlin, Duchy of
Dorglast Castle
Duke Cedrian III of Neheli (CN male human Wiz7/ Ftr2)
Flen, County of
Countess Allita Elgarin (N female human Clr5 of Xerbo)
Good Hills, Union of the
Black Top
First Speaker Blaif Rinnar (NG male gnome Ftr6/ Rog2)
Gradsul, Duchy of
Duke Luschan VIII of Rhola (LN male human Wiz9/ Ftr2)
Grayhill, Barony of
Baron Markos Skotti (NG male human Ftr7)
Middlemead, March of
Margrave Kharn (LN male human Ftr3)
Niole Dra, Royal Capital and District of
Niole Dra
Lord Mayor Pugnace Dillip (LN male human Ari6)
Nimlee, County of
Countess Lissen Rheyd (NG female human Clr8 of Lydia/Ftr2)
Salinmoor, Viscounty of
Viscount Cronin Secunforth (LN male human Ftr4)
Sedenna, March of
Margrave Erlich Derwent (LN male human Ftr11)


49 CY - 278 CY – House Neheli -> Trevlyan Neheli I e Trevlyan Neheli II alla fine
278 CY -286 CY – House Neheli -> Gillum Neheli I il Pazzo
287 CY - 346 CY – House Rhola -> Tavish Rola I il Grande

-230 CY – Formazione di Sterich
-96 CY – Incorporate le Yeomanry
434 CY - 453 CY – Formazione dei Principi del Mare
461 CY – Secessione degli stati di Ulek

Casate di Keoland

  • House Rhola
  • House Neheli
  • House Sedenna (casata Oeridian estinta, Mandros il "Re Oerdiian" è stato l'unico Re non-Suel di Keoland)
  • House Lizhal
    • Famiglia Skotti

Signorie di Keoland

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