Impero Aerdy

(-110 CY/486 CY) Il primo Re del nuovo Grande Regno dopo la Battaglia delle Due Settimane fu Re Almor II Cranden.
Il primo imperatore di Aerdy fu l'Imperatore Nasran I Cranden, che dichiarò la Pace Universale e l'inizio del Calendario Comune.

Nelle Flanaess è uso dire che l'impero abbia avuto tre padri

  • Re Mikar I Garasteth fu colui che unì le signorie aerdi e proclamò l'istituzione del Regno di Aerdy;
  • Il secondo padre fu Almor II Cranden che combattè nella Battaglia Delle Due Settimane definendo i nuovi confini di quello che sarebbe divenuto l'Impero;
  • Infine Nasran I Cranden, che fu incoronato primo Imperatore;

Stati successori

Casate Imperiali

Ufficialmente, House Garasteth non fu mai considerata una casata Imperiale in quanto ai tempi della fondazione Aerdy era un regno.

Imperatori Aerdy

-116 CY -76 CY Almor II Cranden 2
-76 CY -42 CY Ferrend I Cranden
-42 CY -38 CY Ferrend II Cranden
-38 CY -7 CY Jodan Cranden
-7 CY -1 CY Nasran Cranden 3
1 CY 32 CY Nasran Cranden 3
32 CY 66 CY Serran Cranden
66 CY 75 CY Tenmeris Cranden 4
75 CY 86 CY Yalranda Cranden 5
86 CY 109 CY Manshen Rax-Nyrond 6
109 CY 122 CY Erhart I Rax-Nyrond 7
122 CY 136 CY Toran I Rax-Nyrond 8
136 CY 181 CY Erhart II Rax-Nyrond 9
181 CY 213 CY Jiranen Rax-Nyrond 10
213 CY 247 CY Zelcor Rax-Nyrond 11
247 CY 279 CY Toran II Rax-Nyrond 12
279 CY 301 CY Edron Rax-Nyrond 13
301 CY 305 CY Erhart III Rax-Nyrond
305 CY 329 CY Toran III Rax-Nyrond
329 CY 345 CY Toran IV Rax-Nyrond
345 CY 396 CY Portillan Rax(-Nyrond) 14
396 CY 404 CY Galren Rax 15
404 CY 407 CY Sonnend Rax 16
407 CY 419 CY Valmon Rax
419 CY 434 CY Grendemmen Rax
434 CY 437 CY Nalif Rax 17
437 CY 446 CY Insurrection None
446 CY 494 CY Ivid I Naelex 18
494 CY 497 CY Ivid II Naelex 19
497 CY 526 CY Ivid III Naelex
526 CY 556 CY Ivid IV Naelex
556 CY 586 CY Ivid V Naelex 20
586 CY
587 CY present (N. Aerdy)
present (Ahlissa) Grenell I
Xavener I Naelax
Darmen 21
Notes: [1] Living Greyhawk Gazetteer - Lord Mikar of Garasteth crowned Grand Prince in -217 CY.
[2] Living Greyhawk Gazetteer - Grand Prince Almor II on the throne in -109 CY during the Battle of a Fortnight's Length.
[3] Living Greyhawk Gazetter - Last Grand Prince and First Overking, crowned in 1 CY. Also, note, there were not two leaders named Nasran. The absence of a Year Zero is sometimes forgotten, so to make calculations easier (and mark the beginning of the Overking Title), Nasran has two entries in the table.
[4] Ivid the Undying - Grandson of Nasran, died in 75 CY, and was succeeded by his wife, Yalranda.
[5] Ivid the Undying - Only Overqueen. Wife of Tenmeris. Lived to be only 40.
[6] Ivid the Undying - Eldest son of Yalranda, took the last name Rax-Nyrond.
[7] Dragon 230 "The Orbs of Dragonkind" - eldest son was killed in 98 CY.
[8] Living Greyhawk Gazetteer - Toran I was on the throne in 134 CY.
[9] It stands to reason that since there was an Erhart I, there needs to be an Erhart II somewhere in here.
[10] Living Greyhawk Gazetteer - Overking Jiranen died in 213 CY.
[11] Living Greyhawk Gazetteer - Zelcor I was on the throne in 223 CY.
[12] Living Greyhawk Gazetteer - Toran II displaced the priesthood of Pholtus from Medegia in 252 CY.
[13] Apparently, the Ravenloft novel King of the Dead, which I don't own, seems to indicate that there was someone named Edron as Overking in the year 283 CY.
[14] Ivid the Undying - Was on the throne at the time of Nyrond’s rebellion.
[15] Ivid the Undying - Son and heir to Portillan. A half-wit.
[16] Ivid the Undying - Son and heir to Galren. A drunkard.
[17] Ivid the Undying - Last Rax Overking, assassinated (presumably) by Ivid I.
[18] Ivid the Undying - First Naelex Overking. Ruled for 48 years.
[19] Ivid the Undying - Ruled for 3 years.
[20] Ivid the Undying - Became the Overking in 556 CY. Fifth Naelex Overking. The empire fell apart in roughly 586 CY with the devestation of Rauxes, and this is presumed to be the end of his rule, although whether he still is around or not is in question.
[21] Living Greyhawk Gazetter - North Aerdy was founded in 586 CY with the crowning of Overking Grenell I. The United Kingdom of Ahlissa was founded in 587 CY with the crowning of Overking Xavener I. Some regard this as the Second Turmoil Between Crowns, and refuse to believe it's the end of Imperial Aerdy.
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