Gleep Wurp The Eyebiter

Gleep Wurp the Eyebiter
Male old suel human wizard 12
NG Medium humanoid (human)
Senses Perception +
AC touch, flat-footed (+1 ring of protection, +6 bracers of armor, +1 Dex)
hp 55 (12d6+12)
Fort +5 Ref +5 Will +10
Defensive Abilities; Immune
Spd** 30 ft.
melee dagger
ranged dagger
Special Attacks
Spells (DC 14+ spell level)
6th - 2
5th - 3
4th - 4
3rd - 5
2nd - 5
1st - 5
0 - 4
Str 7, Dex 12, Con 13, Int 18, Wis 14, Cha 18
Base Atk** +6/+1 CMB +4 CMD +5
Feats 6lev+1rac+2wiz
Skills Appraise +12, Craft (Alchemy) +12, Fly +10, Knowledge (arcana) +17, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +17, Knowledge (engineering) +17, Knowledge (history) +17, Knowledge (local) +17, Knowledge (planes) +17, Linguistics +9, Spellcraft +13
Languages Common, Elvish, Gnoll, Goblinoid, Orc, Draconic
Combat Gear dagger (bonded), wand of fire (20 ch.), scroll (summon monster III, confusion), potion of cure light wounds, 2 potions of cure serious wounds
Other Gear ring of protection +1, bracers of armor +6, robe of blending, bullseye lantern, 2 flasks of oil, 50' hemp rope, 6 iron spikes, silver holy symbol, backpack, small sack, 2 wineskins, trail rations (2 weeks), 20 gp

Hand of the Apprentice (Su): 7/day.
Metamagic Feat (Su): 3/day

Nel 531 nasce in Keoland.
Nel 564 inizia le sue avventure, all'età di 33 anni.
Nel 576, a 45 anni, contribuisce alla sconfitta dei giganti in Sterich.
Nel 596, a 65 anni, si riunisce a Geoff con il sue vecchio gruppo di avventura.
NB: Oggi è considerato old (53-70 anni) e le sue caratteristiche sono modificate in -3 Str, Dex, Con e +2 Int, Wis, Cha.

Converted magical items

Wand of Fire: This wand can be employed in 4 separate functions which duplicate the following magic-user spells:
1 . Burning hands: The wand emits a plane of fire, a fan-shaped sheet 1 0 ' wide at its terminus and 12' long. Each creature touched takes 6 hit points of damage. The plane appeors in 1 segment, shoots forth its dark red flames, and snuffs out in less than 1 second. It expends 1 charge.
Pyrotechnics: This function exactly duplicates the spell of the same name. It requires 2 segments to activate. It expends I charge.
Fireball: The wand coughs forth a pea-sized sphere which streaks out to the desired range (or to a maximum range of 16") and bursts in a fiery violet-red blast, exactly as a fireball cast by a spell of that name would. The function takes 2 segments. It expends 2 charges. The fireball does 6 hit dice of damage, but a11 1's rolled are counted as Ys, i.e. the burst does 12-36 hit points. A saving throw versus wand is applicable.
Wall of fire: The wond can be used to draw a fiery curtain of purplish-red flames which exactly duplicates the wall of fire spell cast by a magic-user, i.e. a sheet of flame 12 square " ( 1 " X 12", 2" X 6", 3" X 4", etc.) which lasts for 6 rounds, causes 8-18 hit points damage (2d6 + 6) if touched (2-8 hit points if within 1" of the fire, 1-4 if within Z"), and can also be made as a ring-shape around the wand user (but the circle is only 2%" in diameter). This function requires 3 segments. It expends 2 charges.

The wand of fire can operate but once per round. It can be recharged

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