Fonkin Hoddypeak

Fonkin Hoddypeak was one of the company of heroes led by Frush O'Suggill against the giants invading Sterich and their drow masters some 20 years ago, saving the city of Istivin from becoming entangled in the Demonweb Pits. Others among that heroic company included the mighty dwarven fighter Redmod Dumple, the infamous magsman Cloyer Bulse, and the mysterious "Eyebiter", Gleep Wurp.

Following their harrowing adventures in the Abyss, the company parted ways. Fonkin continued to adventure in the western Flanaess. He and Redmod Dumple explored the ruins of dwarfholds and giant keeps in the Crystalmists. He once again struck against the giants and their humanoid kin during the reclamation of Sterich a decade ago. More recently, he has fought against the minions of Iuz in the Vesve Forest, and assisted in defending Highfolk when the region was invaded by numerous green dragons.


Background di Fonkin Hoddypeak

PS: stats stolen from "Kelanen" at canonfire ( Just copied here for easier reference during gaming sessions.

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